Xinerama problems


I am running XFree86 version 4.1.0 with glib/gtk+ 1.3.6 on Mandrake
Cooker (beta) with a Matrox G400.  I am using the dual head mode of
the G400 with Xinerama.

A couple of applications seem to be hanging up in performing their UI
functions.  The two applications that I see this with are Galeon and
Pan.  The common thread between the two seems to be that they are both
multi-threaded applications.

I can run either application for a while but at some point the
application will stop painting widgets and taking input.  The
application does continue to run though.  I can "strace" the
process and see it taking and processing non-gui input and signals,

This problem seems to have gone away now that I am no longer using
Xinerama.  I would almost be happy to just not use it and address some
applications to display :0.1 but gnome applications seem to have a
problem doing that.

Any ideas why Xinerama could be causing multithreaded gtk applications
to occaisionally stop processing their UI events?


Brian J. Murrell

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