Re: no docs

    me> checking for db2html... (cached) false
    me> checking for sgml2html... (cached) no
    me> Where might I find them?

    Havoc> They come with Red Hat and Debian and such, that's where most
    Havoc> people seem to get them. ;-) I'm not sure where they are
    Havoc> upstream.  I bet the GNOME Doc Project home page says.

    Joe> I don't know about RedHat, but in Debian's case they're in the
    Joe> cygnus-stylesheets package.  Took me a while to find them...

Thanks for the hints.  I eventually found them in sgml-tools in my Mandrake
8.0 download.  I've slowly come to the realization that either I muffed
something on the Mandrake install or its normal install is to leave out
essentially everything a programmer might want.

Should be cookin' with gas now...


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