RE: Screen updates while long time running subroutine

Title: RE: Screen updates while long time running subroutine

I insist to use threads. If you are calling an external program you have no major problem with syncronization. If the machine has only one processor it could be better to make that system() inside a thread with less priority so your GUI will continue working without any lag.

If you wish could even use a different process where to call that program:

  if ((pid = fork()) == 0) {
    /* We're in a child process */
  if (pid < 0) err_sys("Fork error");
  /* Parent process */
  /* get back to the gtk_main() loop */

PD: About threads, take a look at:

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> okay, but my earlier post ("picking up resize events") has the sizing of the drawables in terms of the gdkwindow size IN the main routine.

> so that's not much help, really ..
> Anyone???

I'm only going to rephrase the question: what would happen if you have to deal with an external binary program you call with system(), which takes long time to execute? Is there a way to update the GUI-related stuff?


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