Re: efficient use of canvas lines

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:38:12 +0100
John Cupitt <john cupitt ng-london org uk> wrote:

> I did my own imagedisplay widget :-) It's not too hard: just a
> GtkDrawingArea, a couple of GtkAdjustments, and some very simple stuff
> to map virtual to real coordinates for repainting. You can scroll/zoom
> on 800M images pretty well with it, and it has some simple support for
> image annotations too.

Hmmmm... interesting...  Certainly something to think about..

> For printing, I just output postscript and leave all the mess for the
> printer to deal with. As long as the user has a nice printer, you're
> fine ...

Do you do this via the GDK interface, or to you do use a separate API?
I haven't seen a way to get GDK to output PS, so we've got stuff like:
    if (printing)
           // Generate PostScript
           // Draw the screen using GDK

It would be nice if it automagically generated Postscript, but I seem to
recall that the higher-level Canvas(es) need to be used to get PS out.
(One can always hope though! ;-)

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