Re: Session managment

On 14 Jul 2001 14:47:08 -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> >Did anyone coded a session management in GTK (without using GNOME). I 
> >have a small application and dont want link GNOME stuff against it.
> isn't this a non-sequitur ? GTK is a widget toolkit. it doesn't know
> anything about sessions or session management, which are conceptually
> part of a desktop like GNOME.
> or maybe i'm wrong.
> --p

I think what he's looking for isn't full blown session managment but a
quick and easy way to save the state of his program without linking into
the gnome libraries.

I've been doing this with some simple 'option=value' lines in a
.appnamerc text file for the options that I want to save, and reading
them back in on startup and parsing them for their values.

Although I agree that we don't need full session management in gtk+, it
would be nice to have some convenience functions in glib to read/write
values to a text file so apps that don't use gnome can save state info
and program options without having to duplicate code in every app.


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