Re: compile glib with sunpro

Hi Andy,

> Does anyone have experience with the sunpro compiler?
> I'm trying to compile glib-1.2.10 on Solaris7/sparc.
> ./configure --with-threads=solaris
> gives
> checking for cond_init in -lthread... no
> checking for thread implementation... none available
> configure: warning: You do not have any known thread system on your
>               computer. glib will not be thread safe on your computer.
> checking necessary linker options...
> configure: warning: the 'g_get_(user_name|real_name|home_dir|tmp_dir)'
>                 functions will not be MT-safe during their first call
> because
>                 there is no working 'getpwuid_r' on your system.
> configure: warning: the 'g_date_set_time' function will not be MT-safe
>                 because there is no 'localtime_r' on your system.
> I coulda sworn this worked with 1.2.8...

Could you please send me the config.log file, such that I can hve a look why
solaris threads aren't found.

Sebastian Wilhelmi
mailto:wilhelmi ira uka de

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