Some questions

I started using GTK two weeks ago, in a project that involves interface 
building driven by XML definition, and I get annoyed by a few problems.

Let see:

1) Hitting TAB once and again, focus goes from a widget to another, until 
suddenly dissapears (after last widget, I guess), hitting TAB again focus 
appears in the first widget. Why? Where is the damn focus?

2) There is a way to justify widgets into its container cell? I wish to set 
my labels to right in the first column of a table, while its matching entries 
are justified to the left in the second column of that table. I didn't find 
any function to do that along the hierarchy.

3) Eventually, I'll need a more flexible layout, a "raw" layout that don't 
care about wigets positions, as positions are set up by hand (i.e. 
coordinates). I don't worry too much about resizing, but application needs 
makes deal with container-into-container strategies and such impossible.
There is some container class I can use? 


Julio César Gázquez

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