Re: on CVS of Feb 1, 8:20am

Sven Neumann <sven gimp org> writes: 
> I fear this is not possible (although I'm not an expert). I wish GTK 
> would load the GDK backend as a module. I have no idea is this would 
> be doable, but it would definitely rock.

It's possible, but not actually that useful I think. So it's not a
high priority for us to implement. Maybe someone will send a
patch. ;-)

> PS: Add directfb to your list of GDK targets. (See

Seems to be just adding hardware accel to the linux-fb port, so it
should get merged with the linux-fb target I think. However it isn't
going to happen unless these directfb guys decide to work closely with
Alex and get it in to the GTK distribution... we haven't heard a thing
from them or gotten any source so far.


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