Re: on CVS of Feb 1, 8:20am

winterlion <winterlion fsj net> writes:

> ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gdktarget=x11 --with-xinput=xfree \
> --with-gtktarget=linux-fb
> incidentally - is multiple targets okay?  I hope so because I'm not
> wishing to break all targets.  I have need of gtk to run under:
> 	linux-fb (so I can program :)
> 	XFree86  (obvious, no? :)
> 	windows (will explore this later *g*)
> 	OpenGL/SDL... this last one I'll explore later once I'm more used
> 		to the source.  if possible.  OpenGL alone probably would
> 		not be possible...  SDL has a nice I/O layer.

I fear this is not possible (although I'm not an expert). I wish GTK 
would load the GDK backend as a module. I have no idea is this would 
be doable, but it would definitely rock.

Salut, Sven

PS: Add directfb to your list of GDK targets. (See

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