Re: widget placement (please don´t bury me)

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> John Cupitt <john cupitt ng-london org uk> writes:
> > I think this sort of mucking about is frowned on, since it can conflict with the
> > user's window manager. I have a preferences option to disable it.
> Also you can't get it quite right - I bet your dialog moves by the
> size of the window titlebar each time you show it.

Actually no, it stays in the right place. I override "realize" and do my own
centre-over-parent thing as well, which also comes out right (ie. the centering
correctly allows for the WM decorations).

(cough ... this is only tested with the KDE WM though, I'm sure it breaks
horribly for WMs with different rules for where (0x0) is on the screen)

> More importantly, the widely-deployed and insanely popular Metacity
> window manager will completely ignore your attempt to set uposition -
> muhahahaha.

Curse you, metacity! :)


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