Re: changing button colours

Bill Purvis <bill p bigfoot com> writes:
> > The correct way is:
> > 
> >  - create a GtkRcStyle
> >  - set the background color in the RcStyle, and set the flag in 
> >    the RcStyle indicating that the background color is set
> >  - call gtk_widget_modify_style() to override the widget's current
> >    style with your RcStyle
> >  - unref the RcStyle, the widget will have kept a reference to it
> > 
> many thanks for the advice - I'll try to figure out how to do this.
> I've not come across a GtkRcStyle before - a quick grep around the
> sources for 1.2.7 didn't come up with any example codes, all the
> occurences seem to be in gtkrc.c which I've not had reason to look
> at yet. I'll do so, but any tips or pointers to sources of further
> information would be appreciated!

Yes, sorry for the brevity; I've typed it in a few times before, this
is one of the many FAQs not in the FAQ.

Something like:

 GdkColor red = { 0, 65535, 0, 0 };
 GtkRcStyle *rc_style = gtk_rc_style_new ();
 rc_style->bg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] = red;
 rc_style->color_flags[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] |= GTK_RC_BG;
 gtk_widget_modify_style (widget, rc_style);
 gtk_rc_style_unref (rc_style);

Not tested. You may want to modify states other than NORMAL, but it
should be obvious how to do so following this example.


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