Re: changing button colours


> The correct way is:
>  - create a GtkRcStyle
>  - set the background color in the RcStyle, and set the flag in 
>    the RcStyle indicating that the background color is set
>  - call gtk_widget_modify_style() to override the widget's current
>    style with your RcStyle
>  - unref the RcStyle, the widget will have kept a reference to it

many thanks for the advice - I'll try to figure out how to do this.
I've not come across a GtkRcStyle before - a quick grep around the
sources for 1.2.7 didn't come up with any example codes, all the
occurences seem to be in gtkrc.c which I've not had reason to look
at yet. I'll do so, but any tips or pointers to sources of further
information would be appreciated!


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