RE: pushbuttons and bold

just resending this since no response to question below regarding 
pushbuttons and BOLD type.  Can't I use the same font and have it be bold? 
 see question below for more information.

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Subject:	pushbuttons and bold

Currently I am creating an application and I want the pushbuttons on the 
lower, and plssibly the upper part to be bold.  I do not want another font, 
so using a font_load does seem silly.  Isn't there a way to make the 
regular font that I am using (default I suppose since I didn't define any 
fonts) to be of BOLD type in a push button by using some mechanism like 
style->black_gc   I did see some emails about setting the label to bold, 
which requires that a new font be loaded.  Is there a way to bold a default 
font that is already loaded?  Thanks ahead of time for your help.


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