GType/GObject questions

I have some questions regarding the new GType and GObject in glib 1.3.
If somebody could answer them or point me to some documentation that
contains the answer, it would be of great help for me.

When should I use g_type_register_static and when ..._dynamic?

When should I use GTypeInfo.base_init/finalize and when class_init/finalize?

What should I put in GObjectClass.shutdown and what in ...finalize?

When I assign function pointers to GObjectClass.shutdown of some derived
object type, I probably want to call the "inherited" function of the parent object
type. What is the recommended way to do that?
* saving the parent function pointer somewhere before assigning the new
shutdown function in the class init code
* Finding the parent object class via g_type_class_peek_parent, typecasting
that to GObjectClass and calling it's shutdown function
* Hardcoding the parent class shutdown function call in the derived shutdown
function call (wouldn't really like that)
* Or is there a kind of G_OBJECT_INHERIT (shutdown, object);?

And - sorry to ask that ;-) - is there a roadmap when glib 1.4 will be released?
And will that have signal handing like gtk_signal_* included?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Reinhard Müller
GNU Enterprise
reinhard gnue org

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