Signal Handlers

I'm currently trying to set the cursor in a gtkfilesection to let a user
know that the program hasn't locked when trying to access a remote
directory.  However, the "key_press_event" is killed by a signal handler
connected to the widget's gtkentry that's created in file gtkfilesel.c.  Is
there a way to create a signal handler to run before all other signal
handlers, after all other signal handlers, or before AND after all other
signal handlers?  I'm thinking of something like gtk_signal_connect_full()
using GTK_RUN_BOTH for the "after" argument. Is this possible?  Has anyone
else figured out how to let a user know when the gtkfileselection widget is
busy during a filename completion or directory change that takes a long time
to complete.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

				-- Stupid Genius

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