Why do I receive so many redundant expose events

I have a drawing area, in a scrolled window, in a  vbox, in a top level
I connected the expose signal to the drawing area.

I am seeing consecutive identical, or 90+% overlapping, expose events being
sent to my drawing area.

Some quick examples

Maximize the window, 3 expose events are generated. The first two are
identical, the third is a few pixels two of which overlap the previous two
expose events.

Minimize the window. Two identical expose events are generated.

Now for the really fun stuff.
Resize the window from lower right corner and you will see up to 9 (it
varies) expose events in between each "size-allocate" signal given the
drawing area. Nearly all the expose events overlap completely, or mostly.

My installation is Mandrake 7.1, which was this summer, so my stuff is
reasonably up to date. My GTK is 1.2.7, my window manager is sawmill.

My question is who is the dumb bunny generating such garbage, and is there
anything I can do about this.

My code is in Modula-2 but I have a simple small executable that prints the
signal info as received.

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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