I am receiving expose events larger than my window size

I have a drawing area, in a scrolled window, in a vbox, in a top level

I am receiving an expose event that is larger than the size given the
window. Actually I receive the expose event before any size allocate event.
Eventually I receive a correct size-allocate signal and then another expose
event, this time with the correct size corresponding to size-allocate
signal. BTW the first expose event is a different size than the second.

What can I do about this. Can I ignore expose events that are outside the
defined region of the window since it appears that after I receive the
window size yet another expose event is generated. The reason I ask this is
what if I want to use backing bitmaps, or double buffering. I need to have
the correct size and from my point of view a window size event you be sent
before and expose(paint) event.

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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