I am receiveing bogus configure event positions, what to do?

I have a top level window and I connect to the configure event signal.

I realized the window to get its handle and I noticed that I could not set a
window position. The call did not work. I added a "map" signal handler and I
positioned the window in there. That worked. The call I was using is
gdk_window_move, or gdk_window_move_resize if I also needed to resize the

Ok so now I create a window at position 100, 100 and some size. I receive 5
configure events for the window. Yes five! I would have expected at most
two, the initial unknown position and the one I moved it to.

x=100, y=100
6, 19
194, 506
100, 100
6, 19

The last position is bogus. The window is clearly at 100, 100. If I move the
window by a pixel or two the next configure event confirms this.

Is there anything I can do. My installation is Mandrake 7.1 and everything
is pretty up to date, Gtk 1.2.7, sawmill window manager.

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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