glib support for (classic) MacOS


We're considering using g_module for dynamically loadable driver support
in ghostscript. I understand that works fine on win32 and a reasonable
assortment of unicies; we'd like to add Classic MacOS support as well,
wrapping the Code Fragment Manager.

Raph Levien pointed out that there have been efforts to port glib/gtk+ to
MacOS. I found and was wondering about
the status of the port. Are there other efforts I should be aware of? It
looks like you're using MW CodeWarrior; I'm unfortunately stuck with the
(free to download) MPW environment for now. Are there any gotchas
moving code between the two?

We're just interested in glib at this point, but I wanted to avoid
duplicating work. Also, is this something that would be interesting for
the mainline? Should I make patches against the 1.2 or 1.3 branches as

Oh, and incidentally, if anyone wants to add comparable OpenVMS support,
that would be great! :-)


giles ashlu bc ca
rillian telus net

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