Re: how to retrieve a pci vga device base address ?

Louis Lu wrote:

> Hi
>   As we know, we can look at $>proc/pci to find out the
> whole PCi devices information.(ie. vendor id, device id and
> base address...etc.).  However, what if I tried to retrieve
> these vendor id, device id and base address from a PCi VGA
> device, is there anybody know how to do it by using GTK or
> C in Linux?
> I am using RedgHat Linuxv6.1, Kernel 2.2.12
> GNOME 1.0.39 and GTK.
> I have developed a dialog and need these three (PCI)
> information to continue my project.
> I would appreciate if anyone can give a suggestion, sample
> code or references.
> Thanks in advance.
> Louis

Hello Louis,

as far i know only driver code is able to get such information.
Look at kernel sources Documentation/pci.txt.
May be using a driver isn't that what want !

Have a good time,


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