Threads and updating.

I'm having some difficulty with getting GTK widgets (namely a CList) to
update in a multithreaded app. 

There are two threads, the original thread that GTK is running on, and a
second that talks to openslp. Occasionally, the openslp thread adds a new
entry to a CList in GTK's thread.

The problem is that the new entries aren't drawn until the user does
something to prompt a redraw. In other words, the items don't appear
unless I move the mouse pointer to a new widget or hit a key. 

Is there some way to force the CList to redraw from a non-GTK thread? All
of my calls to GTK are wrapped in gdk_threads_enter() and

(I've tried whacking the CList with gtk_widget_show and
gtk_widget_show_now, but to no avail. I don't know what these do, but they
sounded promising =)



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