Re: [gtk-list] Re: non-exiting gtk_exit()

>> Is there any way to do what gtk_exit() does, but not exit the program
>> at the same time? 
>Yes, gtk_exit() doesn't do anything but exit, so doing nothing at all
>will do what you want. ;-)

Not the right answer, Havoc :) But OTOH, the right answer is hard to
find. I have tried several different attempts at this, and none of
them really work.

The obvious answer is gtk_quit(), but this only pops up one level of
gtk_main_iteration(). If the program is running with nested levels,
this doesn't work. I tried a test of the depth level, and kept calling
gtk_quit till the level was appropriate, but this didn't work
either. I may have just been stupid about how I was doing this. 

There really needs to be a simple way to say: I want this thread,
assuming that its the one that first called gtk_main() (or whatever
that entry point is called - i never do it directly anymore), to
return from that function, regardless of the current nesting level. 

*AND* i don't want the answer to be "use setjmp" :)


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