Re: [gtk-list] Re: Should there be a call to make a window "active"?

In message <>you write:
>Guy Harris wrote:
>> Instead, I use a technique that Netscape also uses if you select
>> "Communicator->Bookmarks->Edit Bookmarks" when there's already a
>> bookmark window open.
>> 	2) it's not considered to be the right thing to do.
>I suppose that's the reason under X11. I have a huge usability problem with

My impression is that giving a window input focus is very definitely a
WM policy issue. When I switched to IceWM, I turned used these
variables to set the input focus policy:

  #  Focus normal window when initially mapped
  # FocusOnMap=1 # 0/1

  #  Focus dialog window when initially mapped
  FocusOnMapTransient=1 # 0/1

  #  Focus dialog window when initially mapped only if parent frame focused
  FocusOnMapTransientActive=1 # 0/1

which gave me the effect that I typically want. There are times,
however, when its annoying, mostly because I spent 12 years working
with WM's that didn't do this (either because they couldn't, or I
never bothered to configure them so that they did).


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