bug in gtk_ctree_set_node_info() ?


I try to use the function gtk_ctree_set_node_info() to change the text 
the pixmaps associated to a GtkCTreeNode.

But when look at the prototype of the function, it seems that it's 
to change the text of ALL the columns.
Here is the prototype :
void        gtk_ctree_set_node_info         (GtkCTree *ctree,
GtkCTreeNode *node,
const gchar *text,   <------------ ????????????
guint8 spacing,
GdkPixmap *pixmap_closed,
GdkBitmap *mask_closed,
GdkPixmap *pixmap_opened,
GdkBitmap *mask_opened,
gboolean is_leaf,
gboolean expanded);

The part "const gchar *text" seems false to me, because you can give 
only one string
and so you can't modify the text of several columns.
Why is it not declared as in gtk_ctree_insert_node() : gchar *text[] ?

Please correct me, if i'm wrong.

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