Re: [gtk-list] tutorial

"Brian J. Rohan" <> writes:

> In the helloworld example of the gtk-- tutorial found at
>, the function delete_event_impl is overriden:

BTW, Gtk-- has its own mailing-list (which I'm cc:ing).

> int HelloWorld::delete_event_impl (GdkEventAny *event)
> {
>     cout << "delete event occured" << endl;
> return true;
> }
> but when I press the closed button on the window while the program is
> running , Hello World is printed to the terminal.  I was under the
> impression that "delete event occured" would be printed to the terminal
> instead.  Why is this?

Which "closed button" ? If you mean the single button labelled "Hello
World" on the window, then no, this is not the "closed button", even
though it will print "hello world" and delete the window (quit the app 

"delete even occured" will be printed if you try to close the window
with your window manager (e.g. the 'close' button in the window's


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