GtkHPaned bug? (1.2.7)


I'm having a big problem with the GtkHPaned widget. The right
"half" of the widget (pack2) doesn't stick to the right edge of
the window as it used to. All applications using it (quite
a lot in Gnome) look extremely strange.
First I thought it might be a debian problem, since I haven't
found a report of this problem in the archives of the mailing
list, but I grabbed the tarball, compiled it and ran 'testgtk'
and it shows the same problem. However it works fine with 1.2.6
as I just found out.
Anybody has an idea if this is really a bug or just some dark
curse which has been put on my machine?


  .~.   Konrad Podloucky    <> 
  /V\                  Running GNU/Linux 2.2.15pre11 on an Alpha
 // \\  GnuPG/PGP-key available by request  
/(   )\ "Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it, depends
 ^^-^^   on what you put into it."

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