Re: [gtk-list] GtkHPaned bug? (1.2.7)

Konrad Podloucky <> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm having a big problem with the GtkHPaned widget. The right
> "half" of the widget (pack2) doesn't stick to the right edge of
> the window as it used to. All applications using it (quite
> a lot in Gnome) look extremely strange.
> First I thought it might be a debian problem, since I haven't
> found a report of this problem in the archives of the mailing
> list, but I grabbed the tarball, compiled it and ran 'testgtk'
> and it shows the same problem. However it works fine with 1.2.6
> as I just found out.
> Anybody has an idea if this is really a bug or just some dark
> curse which has been put on my machine?

Could you maybe provide a screenshot? I can't quite figure out what
you are describing, and I haven't seen any other reports of


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