Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk or Xhost problem with linuxconf

Matthew Cordes, dans le message (.gtk.general:2392), a écrit :
> The reason that when you su to root and try to add allowed clients with 
> xhost is that the root user is not allowed to access X ( assuming you 
> started it as some other user).  I'm a little surprised by this though, 
> I thought RedHat came by default configured to allow all local connections
> in the one of X's startup scripts, but I don't use RedHat so I couldn't 
> tell you for sure.

xhost is a weak way to handle security under X. The modern system uses a
key file, $HOME/.Xauthority. X will only accept a connection if you give a
key stored in that file. X clients started by root try to read
~root/.Xauthority, and can't find the valid key. All you have to do is to
copy ~user/.Xauthority on ~root/. This file is 600, but as you are root,
that's not a problem.

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