gnome-hello / building GTK+ & Gnome apps using autoconf


Does anybody have a complete zip / tarball / etc. of gnome-hello (and
other samples, if possible) they could send me or point me to?  Spec-
ifically, the macros directory and the that goes in it?
I'm reading through Havoc Pennington's GTK+/Gnome Application Develop-
ment; unfortunately, the configure/make part of the examples are miss-
ing that one piece.

I'm not having too much difficulty with GTK - seems to be a pretty
easy transition to make from Motif (and a welcome one from Motif &
plain X for most stuff).  What's throwing me is autoconf et. al. I'm
not familiar with it, and haven't figured out how to use it yet.
Any suggestions or advice regarding it (specifically, using it for
GTK+ / Gnome apps) - examples, notes, etc. - would be *greatly* app-
reciated.  At this point, I'm still using just makefiles; works, but
its pretty crude, and I'd like to know how to do things the way most
everyone else seems to be.

Larry Morley

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