Re: [gtk-list] gnome-hello / building GTK+ & Gnome apps using autoconf


I am needing to read that book too.

But for now I would sugest some good articles that I found at IBM
developers site. They are the very good way to begin.

and also take a look at the library-papers link on the site.

I hope it will help you and others to have a very good introdution to
programming with gtk/gnome.

Clovis Sena.

Larry Morley wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody have a complete zip / tarball / etc. of gnome-hello (and
> other samples, if possible) they could send me or point me to?  Spec-
> ifically, the macros directory and the that goes in it?
> I'm reading through Havoc Pennington's GTK+/Gnome Application Develop-
> ment; unfortunately, the configure/make part of the examples are miss-
> ing that one piece.
> I'm not having too much difficulty with GTK - seems to be a pretty
> easy transition to make from Motif (and a welcome one from Motif &
> plain X for most stuff).  What's throwing me is autoconf et. al. I'm
> not familiar with it, and haven't figured out how to use it yet.
> Any suggestions or advice regarding it (specifically, using it for
> GTK+ / Gnome apps) - examples, notes, etc. - would be *greatly* app-
> reciated.  At this point, I'm still using just makefiles; works, but
> its pretty crude, and I'd like to know how to do things the way most
> everyone else seems to be.
> Thanks,
> Larry Morley
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Clovis Sena
Itautec Servicos/Filial Recife
Fone: 081 - 421 1126.

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