Re: [gtk-list] Re: Help! (CList strangeness)

Paul Barton-Davis wrote:
> >I have a problem with a CList behaving very strangely, the titles
> >on the top of the CList will cycle through a 'blank' => 'text' =>
> >[next title] loop whenever an entry is added to the list (!)
>  .
>  .
>  .
> >... and I call the addClip routine from a thread as below:
> Danger Will Robinson! Do you really mean "from a thread" ? You can't
> make calls to GTK functions from multiple threads without taking more
> care than I see apparent here. At the very least, you need
> GTK_THREADS_ENTER and GTK_THREADS_LEAVE macros surrounding the block
> of GTK calls.

Yeah, I figured that out in the end. It made me re-implement it as a 
GtkList rather than a CList as well, which was what was needed anyway

Thanks for the help though,


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