Re: [gtk-list] Stupid Gdk/Xlib question

Derek Simkowiak writes:
>	Is the window's background pixmap copied, or is only the text
>copied?  That is, will gdk_window_copy_area copy only those text pixels
>which I drew to the window, or will it completely copy all pixels,
>including the background (and hence, screw up my tiled background because
>the edges of the tile won't line up anymore)?

I'm afraid it will copy pixels indiscriminately, and screw up your
tiled background.

The underlying XCopyArea function (and CopyArea protocol request)
document the server as first tiling the destination area with the
background (if any), and then performing the copy according to the GC
settings.  It would be possible under restricted conditions to get the
behaviour you want with a cunning choice of GC function and plane
mask, but no general solution springs to mind.

        Gary Wong, Department of Computer Science, University of Arizona

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