Re: [gtk-list] Wheel mouse scrolling with Text Widget?

Works for me, but you have to be over the scrollbar. It would be easy enough
to hook up the proper button presses (4 and 5 I believe) in gtktext itself if
that's what you want.


Mark James wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a user of gnotepad+, and although the wheel on the mouse can
> be used to scroll though the files in the open file window, it
> does not scroll the editing window, which uses the GTK text widget.
> Does anyone know how to get this working?  The gnotepad+
> author referred me here, and I couldn't find anything in
> either the GTK FAQ or in the archives of this list.
> Thanks for the help, and for all the great apps you're turning
> out.
> Mark
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