Re: [gtk-list] Re: statusbar not popping?

> I found that if I minimize and maximize the application or switch to
> another virtual desktop and come back, then it does show the proper
> text without all the garbage that was popped.  It just doesn't seem to
> refresh the statusbar.

I think this could be a problem with the GtkLabel, as I've seen it happen in the
GIMPs status bar (when moving the cursor around, the co-ordinate display gets
destroyed), but I've also had it happen in glade, when I put a label down, and
then change the text. The text changes, but the label doesn't clear the original
text before drawing the new stuff.
This was with 1.2.6 GTK and 0.9 engines. I'll check later to see if it's fixed
with 1.2.7 and 0.10


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