Re: [gtk-list] Re: statusbar not popping?

In message <>you write:
>> I found that if I minimize and maximize the application or switch to
>> another virtual desktop and come back, then it does show the proper
>> text without all the garbage that was popped.  It just doesn't seem to
>> refresh the statusbar.
>I think this could be a problem with the GtkLabel, as I've seen it happen in t
>GIMPs status bar (when moving the cursor around, the co-ordinate display gets
>destroyed), but I've also had it happen in glade, when I put a label down, and
>then change the text. The text changes, but the label doesn't clear the origin
>text before drawing the new stuff.
>This was with 1.2.6 GTK and 0.9 engines. I'll check later to see if it's fixed
>with 1.2.7 and 0.10

Just using gtk-engines 0.10 *definitely* fixed this particular
problem, even with an old GTK.

Too bad the pixmap theme engine still draws all over the base of a
GtkEntry a different color than the RC file specifies :( Any chance of
this being fixed in the near future ?


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