mem leak.....interesting

I was looking at the memory use stats of one of my programs that implements 
gdk-pixbuf, and i noticed that when i dragged the xterm over the program's 
gtk window, the 'memory used' plowed steadily upward.  Curious about whether 
it was a leak in gdk-pixbuf or gtk+, i made a gtk program with some buttons 
and stuff.  This program, too, caused the memory used to climb, though not 
as quickly.  Is this a problem with gtk+?  Is it a significant problem at 
all?  I am concerned that using gdk-pixbuf in my application will eat too 
much memory.  If anyone has any ideas on this, i would appreciate some 
Also- if anyone knows how to render a pixbuf animation, i would appreciate a 
few tips (please see my previous posting, gdk_pixbuf_animation).
thanks again
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