Re: [gtk-list] Re: Odd behaviour on GtkEntry

FYI: Playing around some more with this XTerminal

1. Commented out the draw_line code to make sure it was the only place
   the cursor was drawn.

2. I added a printf statement into the ...draw_cursor... at the point
   it calls gdk_draw_line to draw the vertical line, and it showed that
   it was trying to display the line at the correct coordinates.
   2, 11, 20, 29, ..., but cursor is still off to the right.
   (I noticed that the draw_line section gets called twice for every
   character typed)

3. I changed the gdk_draw_line to give a two pixel wide line (xoffset +
   for the second xoffset parameter), and now it displayed three
   dots at the correct position, three more 1/4 inch to the right, three
   more 1/4 inch from that, ...

Definitely looks like something broken on how gdk_draw_lines is handled
the Xterminal. I think I'll try displaying something else for the cursor
to see what happens.

They are slowly replacing these old NDS terminals as they fail, and the
replacements work correctly (and are MUCH faster), but until they do
they will
probably have to live with this behavior.

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Kevin Handy <> writes:
> > I've noticed something odd with GtkEntry on an old NDS Xterminal. Black
> > & White
> > only X Terminal, with all the x processes running on a RedHat Linux 5.1
> > box,
> > with the GTK libraries updated to a fairly current version (1.2.6).
> >
> It's a huge miracle if GTK a) runs and b) is usable on this
> setup... ;-)
> > The cursor is displayed to the right of it's actual position by about an
> > inch.
> > It makes it somewhat hard to edit data on this terminal. The cursor does
> > flash in the correct position while entering data, but immediately moves
> > off to the right.
> >
> Broken X server? I can't think of any rational explanation.
> Havoc
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