Re: [gtk-list] Re: Odd behaviour on GtkEntry

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Kevin Handy <> writes:
> > I've noticed something odd with GtkEntry on an old NDS Xterminal. Black
> > & White
> > only X Terminal, with all the x processes running on a RedHat Linux 5.1
> > box,
> > with the GTK libraries updated to a fairly current version (1.2.6).
> >
> It's a huge miracle if GTK a) runs and b) is usable on this
> setup... ;-)
> > The cursor is displayed to the right of it's actual position by about an
> > inch.
> > It makes it somewhat hard to edit data on this terminal. The cursor does
> > flash in the correct position while entering data, but immediately moves
> > off to the right.
> >
> Broken X server? I can't think of any rational explanation.
> Havoc

My guess is that the font metrics for the font are not being correctly supplied
or interpreted by the x-server.  Try a different font and see what happens.

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