Re: [gtk-list] GtkHandleBoxes

Matthew D Allen <> writes:
> and I figure it would probably be a good idea to do something when the app
> gets the "child-detached" signal.  I could resize the widget, but I
> wouldn't know what to size it to.  I figure querying the size of the
> widget won't help, because as the signal name would suggest, when you get
> the signal it's already happened.
> Is there any way to have the handlebox size the text widget to the same
> size as it was in the window it was torn out of?

I don't know of a clean solution, but the code looks to me like you
can override size_request on the text widget, and then if
GTK_HANDLE_BOX(handle_box)->child_detached you can request the child's
current allocated size (widget->allocation). A gruesome and
technically not-allowed hack that GTK probably needs a feature to
avoid (the feature may exist, I don't know).


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