Re: [gtk-list] gdk_threads_enter is not reentrant

Hi Noel,

> I have a piece of code which may be run from a GTK callback or within
> a thread outside of gtk_main().  The problem is that
> gdk_threads_enter() is not reentrant.  It locks up if I call it within
> a callback function.  If I omit the lock, I could trash GTK internals.
>     MyData::destroy() {
>         gdk_threads_enter();   // hangs if called withing a callback
>         free_some_gdk_data();  // but I need to lock to protect GTK
>         gdk_threads_leave();
>     }

So you need 2 functions, so what?

> Could gdk_threads_enter() be made reentrant?  You should be able to
> call it twice from the same thread without deadlock.  

Why make it slower just for this case, which happens rarely.

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