I've noticed that when you make a GtkHandleBox the container for a text
widget, and then pull the widget off in the application, you get a really
messed up size for the text widget in its "new" window.  It goes down to
less than 30 columns and about 6 lines on my machine when I pull off a
text widget.

So I checked the docs, namely,
and I figure it would probably be a good idea to do something when the app
gets the "child-detached" signal.  I could resize the widget, but I
wouldn't know what to size it to.  I figure querying the size of the
widget won't help, because as the signal name would suggest, when you get
the signal it's already happened.

Is there any way to have the handlebox size the text widget to the same
size as it was in the window it was torn out of?

David Allen Free Software Development
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