Re: Fwd: Ann: GtkCanvas 0.1

>[Reposted to the list]
>Il 24 Jul 2000 12:30:31 -0400, Havoc Pennington <>
>> - Federico keeps saying he's going to change stuff about the canvas, 
>>   that it needs a lot of work
>> - the antialiased canvas stuff seems to be in flux; we're sort of 
>>   waiting on the X render extension to put a vector API in GTK
>> - there's no time to really consider the issue in detail
>>Tim is the other GTK maintainer.
>Well, The actual canvas is not so special, ok. It needs to be
>reimplemented, ok.
>But actually it is all what we have.
>I prefer to have the GtkCanvas in Gtk+ 2.0, even if it isn't ok, than
>not having at all.

I agree with this 100% as long as there are no stability issues concerning
GtkCanvas.  If it's just a matter of feature-reordering then I think that it
should be included.  

We're digressing into a chicken/egg thing.  Gnome is built with the Gtk widgets,
but a key Gtk widget cannot be implimented because of a problem with Gnome. 
It's a matter of Gnome trying to be its own widget set, and relegating Gtk to a
"list and button" library.

Overdramatization, as per usual.


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