Re: Finding out CList row selections

On 08-Jul-2000 Andy Kahn wrote: 
> > This is somewhat of an extension of my last question, but
> > I would also like to know if there's an easy way to find
> > out which rows have been selected. In the past, I've had
> > to make a struct for each item added with two fields, one
> > for the item name and another for if that row was selected
> > or not. Is this the way it must be done or is there
> > something easier?
>  You can use the list of selected rows, clist->selection, which is just
>  a linked list (GList). 

Hi all,

I mean that this is no good way to lookup for the selected rows in a clist
because: the layout of the clist structure should be opaque to the
the user of a clist widget. The GTK/Clist documentation says:

        struct GtkCList;

        This is the embodiment of the GtkCList widget.
        This structure contains only private data, and
        should be accessed only via the CList API.

What do we learn from this? We need an  A P I  for checking the
each row in a CLIST for be selected or not.


Joachim Backes


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