Re: [gtk-list] is there a known bug with the pixmap engine and ...

Paul Barton-Davis <pbd@Op.Net> writes:

> ... GtkEventBox widgets ?
> When i have a ~/.gtkrc file in place that uses the Pixmap engine, it
> appears that there is never a redraw of an EventBox base. As a result,
> anything which just sticks a label into an EventBox, and then changes
> the label will (under a number of circumstances), just get the label
> overwriting itself. 
> If i remove the rc file, the problem goes away. I have noticed this
> problem across several different apps. I use the LightSpeed theme,
> with a couple of things commented out; this problem exists with or
> without those comments.
> Whats wierd is that you can see this in, say, the CD player "grip"
> (also known as "gcd"), where the track index just keeps overwriting
> itself as it changes. Yet, as if by magic, the time counter doesn't do
> this. Perhaps one of them is not just a Label. Not sure, since I don't
> have the source to the program around right now.

Get version 0.10 of gtk-engines from This version fixes
this problem. (It actually works around the problem - since the
actual problem is that most pixmap themes don't have any pixmap that
gets drawn for the background of an EventBox)

> Oh, while I am here: also, when using the Pixmap engine, the settings
> in a specifically-loaded RC file that set the base (bg?) color of a
> GtkEntry also do not seem to ever take effect. The same style "..." {
> ... } block is used for many other widgets (it sets the fg to cyan and
> the bg to a sort of turqoise-ish green), and it takes effect for all
> them except things that are not in the fg color in a GtkEntry's.

Most likely, the base of the GtkEntry is being drawn with a solid
color pixmap by the particular pixmap theme, so your setting doesn't
take effect.


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