Re: [gtk-list] not found

Abhijit Kalamkar <> writes:

> hi,
> i have installed Glib and GTK+ rpms on my intel pentium machine
> running Linux 2.0.33. But , for all programs which need GTK
> do not run giving an error for not finding shared library
> (i have included a sample error output)
> (I have a slackware installation on which i have compiled rpm 3.0
> so that i am able to use rpm binaries. this works fine for all other
> programs.)
> please, tell me where can i find an rpm resource for
> or a tarball for source , to compile on my machine.

You won't be able to find a RPM of libintl, since modern
systems all use GNU libc, which has the functionality built

If you compiled these programs yourself, then you probably do have
libintl on your system, or else they wouldn't have compiled with this
dependency. Perhaps you need to modify /etc/


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