standart icon archives ?

Hi there,

sorry this is not a real GTK+ question, but I think that many application
developers have the same problem.

I created a toolbar with many icons, so I need some nice icons like
"load","save", "start","stop"," pause","editor","zoom in", "zoom out" etc....

I visited many sites with icon archives (some of them include over 10.000
icons !!!).... and I found for each button a nice icon image, BUT NOW THE

Normally these different icons are painted by different people, that means
the icons dont look very nice together...they use different styles or outfits...

I dont find an archive with an icon collection for applications from the
same guy or with same style... (it must be an very big collection with many
special icons with the same style)

Ok, you can use a screen grabber and grab all icons of your favorite
application, but in many cases you dont find an application which uses
exactly all icons you need...

Exits a kind of standart icon archiv for application developers ???

Many thanx


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