Re: Glib 1.2.8 for OpenVMS

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:38:04 +0200, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> > I recently tried to 'port' glib to OpenVMS platform and succeeded.
> > During the process I made some changes to the sources and I want make them
> > available to everyone else in the spirit of free software exchange. I think
> > that these changes can be incorporated in the next version of glib.
> Your effort to port GLib to a new platform is very much appreciated. But I
> don't think we'll include it into version 1.2.8, as the new version 2.0 will
> soon come out. Would you mind trying to port the latest CVS-version of GLib to
> OpenVMS? Infos on how to get it are here:
> Then you could mail us the diffs. Please you for that
> purpose though.

Are you aware that Compaq have ported all of Gtk+ 1.2.8?

If not see

Quote from the Compaq web page:-

     GTK+ Version 1.2.8 for OpenVMS Alpha is an unofficial, interim port of
     GTK+. Our goal is to merge the custom OpenVMS changes into the GTK+
     Version 1.3 development stream. 


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