Re: GtkCanvas origin problems

Johannes Sandvall <> writes:
> I'm having a few problems with GtkCanvas. GtkCanvas is supposed to be
> a clone of GnomeCanvas so the problem can maybe happen to GnomeCanvas
> as well. 
> I have the canvas in an aspectframe but it was the same problem
> berfore I put it there. I want the canvas to start at coorinate (0,0)
> in the upper left corner of the canvas, but the origion in the canvas
> is about 30% to the right in the canvas. (in 400x400 canvas). If I
> make the canvas bigger the origion comes closer the the center of the
> cansas the bigger I make the display.
> What I want is to have origon in the left corner and than ask the
> widget how big the display is, and then fill the canvas depending on
> the size of it. Is there an easy way to find the size of the canvas or
> the canvas widget?

I believe the canvas scroll region ends up centered in the canvas, so 
if you connect to size_allocate on the canvas and call
set_scroll_region() to set the scroll region to match the allocation
things should work.


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