Re: Gdk-CRITICAL message

"Dugas, Alan" <> writes:
> I am getting the following response when I try to destroy a window containing a
> gtkdrawingarea;
> Gdk-CRITICAL **: file gdkdraw.c: line 89 (gdk_draw_rectangle): assertion
> 'drawable != NULL' failed.
> The gtkdrawingarea is connected to both the "configure" and "expose" events.
> Are either of these emitted when you destroy a drawing areas parent window?
> What is this error message trying to tell me?  Any and all help would be
> appreciated!

The error means simply that NULL was passed as the drawable argument
to gdk_draw_rectangle().

You'd have to get into a debugger and break on g_logv() to see where
this happens in your app.


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