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The file I believe is part of Glib not GTK+.  Glibconfig.h isn't necessarily
installed in /usr/include,  if memory serves, it can be overridden by using the
--prefix option during the install of Glib.  Try running the test program that
comes with Glib.  It should be in the source code directory for your version of
Glib (i.e. glib-1.2.8/testglib).  This would at least let you know if Glib was
installed correctly.  If it isn't, you may have to re-install both Glib and
GTK+, and in that order.  Hope this helps.

				-- Stupid Genius

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> After installing my mandrake 7.02, i try some gtk programs under gtk+-1.2.6.
> But I've got the following error : my compiler looking for <glibconfigh> and
> this file isn't in /usr/include. Shame on me, because even in the 1.2.8
> version, i didn't find this file.
> If you have any idea, answer to me!!!
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